01 – GFJ – Glowing Fidelity

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas. I worked a summer job in 1998 to buy my first set of belt driven Geminis and Scratchmaster mixer. I work with Ableton, Records, Effect Pedals, and a Fender Rhodes Electric Piano. I’ve been scratching since the first day I brought my tables home.

02 – 33Funk – On It (remix)

33 funk was founded in 1997 by Djens and Chinch 33. the longest time the crew consisted of Chinch 33, Gavin Sense and Mar 1. 33 funk went from a dj group to a turntablist group and the current crew-member-status for 2010 is:

Gavin Sense, Chinch 33 and Infinity.

The crew is now finishing their debut album entitled “The Sinister Robot Enigma”.


03 – ThatKidNamedCee – MellowTroniK

ThatKidNamedCee: turntablist/beatmaker/scratch artist…started scratchin in 1985, been going ever since! No specific genre or style, but i will always include scratching in my projects….Im working with Vestax 05 (with Innofader) and 06 pro mixers, Technics 1200s and Vestax PDX turntables, MPC, and various recording software!
To get project/scratch/booking info on ThatKidNamedCee go to:
soufstylkutz(shift +2)gmail.com

04 – Blendoffendaz – Get on Down

The Blendoffendaz are a loose collective of turntablists, instrumentalists, beat makers, producers and other audio geek types based in the U.K and Australia. Our last release was the tune ‘Half Cut’, which was included on ‘Return of the DJ vol. VI’, by Bomb Hip Hop.

NealDarkside – Production, Live instruments.
Ziz DeSilva – Production, Decks.
Dan Tuff – Decks (badass cuts)
Nick Maxwell – Decks (the other badass cuts)
The Jammatron – Live Drums and good advice.
JossMixter – Audiotechnical fuckery.


05 – Gavin Sense – Kyle

Gavin Sense uses the following equipment: Stanton Sk2f, Vestax PDX-2000, Cubase SX3.

Discography: guest-appearances on 7 lp’s. Videography: Gavin Sense “Kyle”, Gavin Sense “What About”, Gavin Sense “Dirty Mind”.


06 – Chinch33 – Twisted Thoughts

Chinch 33 is also a member of the international hip hop group GUERILLA WAR TACTIX.
Equipment: Rane TTM56, Technics SL-1200mk2, Fostex DTM-8VL, Cubase SX3.
Discography: 3 lp’s (“escape from the incubator”, “the invasion” & “surrender”) and 27 guest-appearances on other artists lp’s.

Videography: Final Outlaw & Chinch 33 “Hip Hop 4ever”, Chinch 33 “Escape from the Incubator (trailer)”, Chinch 33 “Are you Sorry?”, Chinch 33 “Change”, Orign, Hus Kingpin & Chinch 33 “Lady Puma”, Guerilla War Tactix ft. Goretex of Non Phixion “Dead Like Presidents”


07 – Glia – CPPFT

I grew up in a family of people who love to dance to music. So I grew up listening to a wide palette of danceable sounds from various countries. I started on the drums. We always had an upright piano at home. Then I got hooked to hip hop. I wanted to make beats. But I couldn’t afford an mpc. So I got a turntable & mixer on eBay and started adding new vinyl to my dad’s collection. As it turns out, my vinyl addiction has proven WAY more costly than any drum machine would have. I now produce with a variety of tools, but sampling from analog source material [vinyl, reels, & cassettes] is still at the center of most of my work. For this track I used: Numark turntable /Vestax mixer /monome128 /microKorg /suling / & mac bookPro

08 – Dj Blood1 -No Masters

DjBlood1 comes from the UK but now lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.
He has recently completed his first Album entitled ‘New Motor Control’ which is free to download.
free album

09 – Sisyphus – Boogie

Spidermonkey/Sisyphus/The Haitian Dentist is a member of Thought Control from the New England/Boston Area. This looper joint was put together on the RC-50, with the assistance of a PDX-2000, an 07 fitted with an innofader, and a great deal of love.


10 – Dj Emoh Betta – Poultry

Deejay Emoh Betta (DJ Emoh) is a Skratch DJ of Boston’s DJ crew Deck Demons. He is the DJ for hip-hop groups Blak Madeen, Left Over Wine, The Scribblenauts, Partyboobytrap, solo mc H.W. of Delusional Records, and the collective known as Fameless Fam. He has recently hooked up with Scroll and together they create live instrumental sets. He is also working with the Rhode Island beatsmith Falside, rappers’ Amadeus The Stampede & Rite Hook, and the music entity Leedz Edutainment. Emoh is a busy human. Emoh is still vegan and drug-free, collects records and Asics sneakers, and will destroy you in Mortal Kombat II!


11 – Dj Shanty – Super Rat

For this track I used a Nintendo Dsi; running Korg’s DS-10 +, a Vestax VCI-300 Controller, a Korg Kaossilator, and a micro Korg.
My current project is Womp Rats, which is recording, and is slated for a Summer 2010 release.

I DJ for Numbs and Rotten Musicians.

rotten musicians

12 – Airnino – Vermont

Airnino make music using turntables, a mixer, a midi keyboard, live effects and sequencing software. I got my first turntable in 1997 and started collecting records. later i got into mixing and cutting, than into all-skratch production. i eventually added ableton and a midi keyboard to my setup and that’s what i’m still working with.
retro futurism